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HP Certification Exams for Server and Storage Solutions

If you’re currently at the associate level in your IT career and are interested in documenting your server and storage solution qualifications for working with HP technologies, then you’ll want to learn more about the HP certification exams available in this specific discipline and at your skill level.

Currently, HP offers a number of certification exams focused on server and storage solutions, but if you’re just beginning your career in IT, or even if you’ve not yet graduated from college and landed your first job in the IT field, then the most appropriate place for you to begin validating your knowledge and skills is with the Designing and Deploying Server and Storage Solutions exam (HP4-A03).


The HP4-A03 exam is among HP’s ATA program, which actually stands for Accredited Technology Associate, and is a program that is specifically designed to validate entry level competency for the IT field. High school and college students and entry level IT professionals are the target groups for whom the HP certification exams in the ATA program are designed.

The HP4-A03 exam is a pertinent exam for candidates seeking positions as server architects, systems engineers and administrators, and as technical support engineers, among others. It is a multiple choice test conducted in Certiport centers, and candidates are allotted just fifty minutes to complete the test.

Dedicated training and study are required for success on this exam. Candidates are recommended to complete formal HP training and to utilize self study techniques, including practice exams offered on sites like TestsLive.com