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The importance of visuals in branding a restaurant business

The restaurant business is one of the most highly competitive industries in the world. There are many factors that contribute to this. For example, there are many start-up costs, including equipment, real estate, staffing, and advertising. Many restaurants do not make this money back for several years. In such a competitive sector, it is important that a restaurant finds a way to stand out from the competition. Visual marketing is an effective method that has been used by many popular chain restaurants to great success. In some cases, these restaurants have become household names around the world.


Logo: making your brand


A memorable and attractive logo can ensure customers become familiar with a brand. If they eat at the restaurant at one location and enjoyed their meal, when they travel out of town and see the same logo again, they will be far more likely to stop at this second location. One major example is Quiznos, whose restaurants have a very noticeable logo. Rick Schaden created his Quiznos brand to be recognizable across the US. That means even if customers move, Quiznos will likely retain them as customers wherever the customer ends up. A restaurant’s logo needs to be unique and make a statement. Try using a font that is custom designed but still easy to read. The font alone can make the logo much more recognizable.


Choose your color theme


The color scheme of the restaurant needs to reflect the mood and clientele that the owner wishes to attract. If operating a restaurant that caters to those with children, consider brighter colors and fun designs. Neutral tones with a few unique colors can work well for restaurants trying to appeal to just a general audience. Quiznos uses red and green for their logo and theme. These colors stand out and reflect the colors of many of the fresh ingredients they use. In the past, red and green has also been used by other quality delis, and this association helps convey to customers that they are eating at a real local Italian sub shop that values quality and freshness.


Menu design

An easy to read menu is essential, but many people don’t know that the order in which food is listed can affect sales, or that using currency signs can over emphasize the cost of a menu item. Patrons read menus from top to bottom, so organize the menu well for better sales. Appetizers and light foods should be listed first. Using different colored boxes or even just having a line around certain menu items can help them stand out. Don’t use currency signs – a simple number is best. Many value restaurants use prices like $1.95 instead of simply 2. Using a single number like 2, 4, 8, etc. does not over emphasize the cost of higher priced items. While it is tempting to add pictures of food to a menu, it should not be overdone. It can be hard to get great pictures of food without spending a lot. Keep the menu simple and let the food speak for itself.


The restaurant and food sector is famously competitive, so focusing on targeted and visual branding is one way to make a business stand out from the rest.