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How to Create a Christmas Lights Backdrop

The best part of Christmas is to see lots of lights all around. The holiday season looks so charming with lights of all colors on garlands, wreaths and trees. The peaceful glow of the twinkling Christmas lights gives innate satisfaction to the heart. Everyone wants to click unforgettable pictures on Christmas with their family and friends. But perfect shots are rarely taken. The ideal locations for photographs in the parks and malls are always crowded. It becomes even more difficult to take those ‘once in a lifetime’ clicks at such places.

So, can we take memorable photos perfectly? Sometimes, you must have thought of creating your own Christmas lights backdrop. But, the cost and effort involved might have pulled you back. Here, we are suggesting some easy DIY tips that would give you ideas for low-cost set ups for creating great Christmas backdrops.

How to create the Christmas lights backdrop manually?

  1. Hang a cream colored clean bed sheet or large paper sheets against the support stands, a wall or a high furniture piece. Spread some sheets on the floor as well. Try to conceal the seam between the wall and the floor. If you feel the need, secure the sheets with a clear tape. Do not worry about the wrinkles. They would not be visible in the photograph.

  1. Secure strings of Christmas lights all over the sheets. Fill the backdrop with as many lights as you can. More lights will give you a bright sparkly bokeh in the photographs. You should ideally use white lights with white wire casing. Colored casing of the wires will distract the viewer from the main subject.

  1. Hang some Christmas balls on the sheets as well. They will add a touch of color to the pictures.

  1. You can also use some props which can be used by the models. You can use a beautiful chair, a string of garland or a toy your kids play with. Use your creativity, look around and use any prop you like, which can add a little color to the backdrop.

  1. Do not overdo while looking for props or while hanging Christmas balls. The purpose is to add a pinch of color. The basic color of the backdrop is cream only.

  1. Get ready to fire the camera. Keep the aperture to the minimum. Aperture at 2.0 is good for these shots. You can perfect the set up by practicing a few shots with a still object. Use a teddy bear for trial. You have to create a shallow depth while clicking. Use manual settings of the camera as you prefer. But, do not forget to turn off the flash.

  1. When you are about to click the photograph with actual models, make sure you position them at least 6-8 feet away from the lights. This will give a depth to the photograph. The photographer can stand close to the model, say, at 2 feet-distance.

  1. Now, you can click as many photos as you want. The bokeh in the backdrop will give a blurry backdrop of lights. And the photos will be placed forever in the albums of your models.