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14 Famous Old Photos Colorized

We live in the modern technology time. You can easy find all kind of gadgets wherever you wants. Smart phones, digital cameras, tablet computers and much more. Imagine life 50 years ago…imagine life 100 years ago. There is no digital cameras, there is no facebook or twitter, there’s no even television. Taking picture in those times was special thing and only few people was able to do this. They should have a lot of creative design in order to take proper photographs that will shape new ages and leave memories of history that we know. As all you know, old day photographs were black and white because in those ages there’s no technology to get color photographs. We always imagine how really some of those scenes looked in their original time when photos are taken. Thanks to website ufunk.net and magic of photoshop and graphic design we are finally able to see them in real-life colors. I hope you will enjoy in this collection:















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