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Looking to Add Some Tranquillity into Your Day & Into Your Life

Zazen Bear can offer you an experience of a lifetime. It is the place that you want to be when your day is less than perfect. The whole idea behind the design and creation of Zazen Bear was to create an environment that expressed harmony and tranquillity. It is a retail experience unlike any that you have seen before. The 2400 sq. ft. retail facility has two floors. The design incorporates a vertical garden of live plants that cascade up to the second floor in between the open staircase. The construction is unique because of the three interlocking circular rooms. It is a symbol of the voyage of discovery.

This eccentric retail experience will help you instil balance and order to your life and your spirit. The pieces have been crafter to evoke the feeling of relaxation, harmony, and tranquillity to whomever they touch. The jewelry incorporates silver, gold, diamonds, and sapphires. The pieces have varying significances from creating a link between the individual’s mind and the universe around them or with the stars above that signifies our aspirations in life. Every piece has been designed to uplift and reduce the stresses on our lives. Check it out on 497 Broome Street, NY or go to the website at www.zazenbear.com for more information.

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Unbelivable Zaria Forman Artworks

The inspiration for Zaria’s drawings began in early childhood when she traveled with her family throughout several of the world’s most remote landscapes, which were the subject of her mother’s fine art photography. Her work exhibits extensively in galleries and venues throughout the United States and overseas.

In addition to exhibitions, recent projects include a series of drawings that served as the set design for the classic ballet Giselle, which premiered in October 2012 at the Grand Theatre of Geneva, Switzerland. Ten of her drawings were also used in the set design for House of Cards, a Netflix TV series directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey.

 In August 2012 she led Chasing the Light, an expedition sailing up the NW coast of Greenland, retracing the 1869 journey of American painter William Bradford and documenting the rapidly changing arctic landscape. Continuing to address climate change in her work, she spent September 2013 in the Maldives, the lowest-lying country in the world, and arguably the most vulnerable to rising sea levels.

The Ancient Art Of Making Globes By Hand

In the modern age, with the advent of GPS in addition to the abundance of mass-produced globes and maps, the art of globe making has fallen by the wayside. Only two workshops in the world still make handcrafted globes; one of them is us….. Bellerby & Co. Globemakers, a studio based in Stoke Newington, London.

Founded by Peter Bellerby in 2008, the artisan studio was born when Bellerby struggled to find a quality globe for his father’s 80th birthday present. Faced with a choice between a cheaply made modern globes or a fragile, expensive antique model, Bellerby decided to spend a few months and a few thousand pounds making his own, instead. The process turned out to be more complicated, costly, and time-intensive than he thought, eventually leading to the creation of his own globe-making studio.

Now, we have a small team of dedicated Globe-makers constructing high-quality, handmade, artisan globes that are as much works of art as they are scientific instruments. From the stand, to the painting, to the mapmaking, each piece is expertly crafted in-house using traditional and modern globe-making techniques.

The World According To An Illusionist

What if an illusionist had powers bigger than pulling a rabbit out of a cylinder? Would he use clouds as platform for building the cities, turn the landscape upside down, put a man in a birds nest and appoint the birds with some human activities?

I am a 37 years old Lithuanian artist and I want to give a sneak peak view on this before it happens.























Illustrations of the World’s Best Nightclubs

This post is written by Heather James who is a blogger for CapitalAlist, a London nightclub guest list website.

Pablo Benito or Pe Be as he is also known, specialises in graphic design art. He takes a subject, infuses the image with colour and he unique graphic forms and the results are startling, modern perspectives.

The following art is typical of Pe Be’s work. Think very modern, clean images that speak a thousand words about the subject. Inspirational art is something that Pe Be is really great at creating. You want to see for yourself the amazing places that he depicts in his designs.

Benito has a unique specialty that resonates with a specific part of society, clubbers. His subjects are usually of the best clubs from around the world, both from modern day clubs to flashes back to the past. Its a wondrous thing to recognize a club in his art that you definitely has the best night of your life in. Lots of emotions come with his art, especially as the clubs often represent good times that were had or good times ahead.

By looking at the club’s architecture, it is possible to gleen information about where the club is situated and even the crowd that it draws. The Bergain club in Berlin is legendary in the world of clubbers. It is an old industrial unit that lends unique acoustics to some of the most sought after nights in clubbing legend. The sound is rocketed around the huge structures inside, creating a clubbing adventure that is both highly sought after, as well as creating one of the most difficult clubs to get into.

The Fabric print is another great example of one of Benito’s (and the rest of the world’s) favourite place to hear the best DJ’s in the business. It is a building which sits in the heart of London, Farringdon to be precise. Pe Be’s depiction of the grand old building exudes style and class, something which Fabric strives for. If the best DJs in the world are playing in Fabric’s hallowed rooms and the crowd are bouncing off the sonic floor, then this is a club worthy of Pe Be’s attention.

Whatever your taste or history in music, there can be nothing but admiration for these attractive designs of iconic clubs around the globe. Choosing a favourite is difficult to do from an objective perspective as they often hold personal memories but without a doubt, they are a joy to behold.

Old Hubcaps Recycled into Beautiful Animal Sculptures

Ptolemy Elrington knows exactly what to do with all of those wheel hubcaps you see littering the side of the highway. He’s spent the last 12 years recycling them into beautiful and elegant animal sculptures!

For something that’s made from road-side trash, his pieces sure do sell for a lot – his sculptures can fetch anywhere from £200 to £10,000! Check out his work to see what can be done with everyday bits of trash!

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Museum Of Optical Illusion in South Korea

South Korea have museum that is awesome example of quality creative design. Check out the images we collected bellow and have on mind that no special computer effects are used to create those images. The Museum have awesome idea and you can make stunning images if you have time and money to visit it in South Korea. [Read more…]

The Map Portraits

This beautiful and creative artworks is masterpiece of the Ed Fairburn. Graduated from CSAD (Cardiff School of Art and Design) in 2012. Shortlisted for the AOI (Association of Illustrators) Awards in 2013. Represented in the US by the Mike Wright Gallery and also exhibiting work in various UK galleries and a selection of international venues. Recently Ed did a artwork for Nike for the Brazil World Cup and he is available to fulfill a range of commissioned work for both private and commercial clients.


 “Western Front Cutout (Part I)”

 “Der Gestirnte Himmel/The Starry Heavens”

 “Western Front”


 “Peak District”

 “North America Part I”



Sydney Festival 2014: This is Our City in Summer

An annual art festival will be celebrating the talents of many artists of Australia and other parts of the world. Sydney Festival 2014 begins January 9-26, and will host various artistic contributions for visitors to enjoy. An array of theatre, visual arts, music, dance, film, and other electrifying events will entertain the public with ease. In Sydney, it will be summer and the Sydney Festival will be an unforgettable celebration.


Sydney Festival 2014 will be made up of 104 events, with over 20 free events to love. Over 300 performances from artists such as Matmos, Edwyn Collins, and more. Sydney Festival 2014 will feature 722 artists from 17 countries worldwide and will include global and Australian premieres.  “If you are really into your arts, Sydney Festival will not disappoint, with opera, dance, theatre and music acts from across Australia and the world.” says Festival Director, Lieven Bertels.

New Australian works of magnitude and cultural importance take over this year’s theatre program. The world premiere of Black Diggers (Wesley Enoch and Tom Wright) unearths the untold stories of 1000 Indigenous soldiers who fought in World War One, whilst Michael Kantor and Tom E. Lewis’ indigenous re-working of King Lear in The Shadow King has recently premiered in Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit www.sydneyfestival.org.au.

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Don’t Believe Your Eyes

Matthew Albanese is artist who fascinated with special effects and magic. Matthew own a stunning artwork collection of photographs that will blow your mind with their realistic presence. On the left side in  gallery you can see the final image and on the right you will be able to see how image was created using his special effects. Scroll down and enjoy in today’s gallery with 15 beautiful artworks.

Box Of Lightning

 Diorama for Box of Lightning.. Backlit etching in plexiglass painted black.

 How to Breathe Underwater

Diorama made out of walnuts, poured and cast candle wax, wire, glitter, peanut shells, flock, plaster, wire, dyed starfish, compressed moss, jellybeans(anemones), sponges, wax coated seashells, toothpaste,
clay, figs, feathers, Q-tips, nonpareils.

 A New Life

Diorama made using painted parchment paper, thread, hand dyed ostrich feathers, carved chocolate, wire, raffia, masking tape, coffee, synthetic potting moss and cotton.

 Breaking Point

 Diorama made out of tile grout, cotton, phosphorous ink. This model volcano was illuminated from within and underneath by six 60 watt light bulbs. 

 DIY Paradise

 Making clouds out of drug store cotton balls. Diorama madre from cotton, salt, cooked sugar, tin foil, feathers & canvas.


 After The Storm

 This model is simply made out of faux fur(fields), cotton (clouds) and sifted tile grout(mountains). The perspective is forced as in all of my images, and the lighting effect was created by simply shifting the white balance.

 Everything We Ever Were

 It took two months to store up enough fireplace ash to create this lunar landscape. The darker rocks are made of mixed tile grout, flag crumpled paper & wire. The Earth is a video still projected onto the wall.

 Salt Water Falls

 Diorama made out of glass, plexiglass, tile grout, moss, twigs, salt, painted canvas & dry ice. The waterfall was created from a time exposure of falling table salt.


 Made out of 20 pounds of sugar, jello and corn syrup. The crystals were grown in my studio over the course of two months.


  Diorama made from wood, moss, yellow glitter, clear garbage bags, cooked sugar, scotch-brite pot scrubbers, bottle brushes, clipping from a bush in bloom (white flowers) clear thread, sand, tile grout (coloring), wire, paper and alternating yellow, red and orange party bulbs. 


 25 pounds of sugar cooked at varying temperatures (hard crack & pulled sugar recipes) It’s basically made out of candy. salt, egg whites, corn syrup, cream of tartar, powdered sugar, blue food coloring, india ink & flour. Three days of cooking, and two weeks of building.


Diorama made of steel wool, cotton, ground parsley and moss

 Waterglass Mountains

 This one is a mixture of many different materials, tile grout, moss, bottle brushes (pine trees) Actual clippings from ground cover and was built on top of  standard outdoor patio table (water glass).  The sky is canvas painted blue. Coloring was again achieved by shifting white balance.

 Aurora Borealis

 This one was made by photographing a beam of colored light against a black curtain to achieve the edge effect. The trees were composited from life ( so far the only real life element in any of these images) The stars are simply strobe light through holes in cork board.

 Paprika Mars

 Paprika Mars. Made out of 12 pounds paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg, chili powder and charcoal

 Matthew Albanese’s fascination with film, special effects and movie magic—and the mechanics behind these illusions—began early.  Born in northern New Jersey in 1983, Albanese spent a peripatetic childhood moving between New Jersey and upstate New York. An only child, Albanese enjoyed imaginative, solitary play. He loved miniatures and created scenarios intricately set with household objects and his extensive collection of action figures. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at the State University of New York, Purchase, Albanese worked as a fashion photographer, training his lens on bags, designer shoes and accessories—this small-object specialization is known in the retail trade as “table top photography.” Albanese’s creative eye soon turned to tabletop sets of a more wildly eclectic nature. In 2008, a spilled canister of paprika inspired him to create his first mini Mars landscape. More minute dioramas—made of spices, food and found objects—followed. In 2011, Albanese was invited to show at the Museum of Art and Design of New York. His work has also been exhibited at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Winkleman Gallery, and Muba, Tourcoing France. Matthew is represented  at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York

All images, titles, description and BIO are copyright and in ownership of Matthew Albanese website

Little People and Miniature World

The  little people is great creative project photographed all around the globe. The street art project has featured in some of the world most famous cities like Beijing, New York, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow and many more. In this project the artist setup the scenery with small tiny people showing us how size does not matter in the arts. I hope you’ll enjoy in this beautiful gallery. If you want to order hard copy, visit authors link from the beginning of the text and order it.