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Women Artists in Bukowski Auction

The conservative art scene has been dominated for centuries by male artists, excluding even the most visionary women from its collections. Now, at the worldʼs top Nordic auction, you have the chance to see some of the most exemplary modern works from some of the highest grossing female artists.

Women artists in Bukowski Auction range the specter of artistic motifs and forms of creative expression. Maria Friberg uses the power of cinema to capture the otherwise unheard (and sometimes unseen). Mamma Anderson both reveres and revives work from the Swedish narrative expressionist tradition. Cecelia Edefalk explores the artistic links between spirituality and existentialism, traversing some of New York Cityʼs best known galleries and selling some of the worldʼs most expensive art. Linn Ferstrom portrays alter egos – children/death, caring/violence – like youʼve never seen them before. The contemporary sale also boasts works by Yayoi Kusama and Diane Arbus.

Bukowskis Contemporary starts on May 23. The leading Nordic art business offers international hammer auctions, online auctions, and private sales. However you chose to go about it, be sure to not miss this fabulous collection, gathering, in one place, the most important Women artists in the world today.