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Parcel Tapes on Canvas Amazing Art

What do you do with duct tapes? You generally use it to pack something or mend some stuff. But have you ever thought of using parcel tapes a little bit artistically if you have sense in Creative Design. Is it possible to make paintings with these tapes?

Well, after seeing these pictures all will agree that it is not only possible but also a great media of art. But it definitely needs skill and dedication to turn such household chores material into artwork. Whoever is the creator of these works have done a brilliant job as the characters looks perfect even in a patchy effect. The tiniest expressions of the models are captured with handiness in these paintings. The works are so fine that the sculptures in two of the pictures are very neat in their tone. For the character paintings the shades and lights are perfectly credible. But the grasp of expression stands out over everything. Every detail here is done by the folds and creases of the tapes without any additional materials. These are great pieces of art which are true delight for one’s eyes.