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Incredible Sand Frescos

The tide waits for no man – which is why the creator of these stunning works of art etched onto the beach has got his work cut out. From a pod of dolphins playing in the ocean to a tender moment between a mother a child, Jamie Wardley’s eye-catching art works have adorned beaches all over the north of England and Scotland. The former ice and sand sculptor, who decided to widen his canvass after a collaboration with another artist in 2007, was so successful with his first commission that he was asked to return the following year.

Now Jamie is one of just a handful of people in the world who uses the coastline as his canvas and embraces the fleeting nature of his creations on a full time basis.Time is a big challenge when you’re working on a beach,’ explains the 32-year-old.  ‘You have about six hours from when the tide has gone out before it comes back in again.‘It’s not going to wait if you are running behind schedule. And when it comes back, it comes back fast.’