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Disturbing Illustrations by Michal Dziekan

Amazing illustration work from Michal Dziekan from Warsaw, Poland, witch also work as character designer and animator. Impressive but intimidating at the same time, we can realize that a large percentage of his work contains some kind of cruelty and violence, nevertheless, his style is completely original, disturbing and memorable.

Photo Sources and Artist Website


  1. This guy does fantastic work. Currently trying to find more of his material, would be awesome to be able to purchase some.

  2. I like how the evil Jack in the Box guy is surreptitiously pinching the little fat girl’s arm, sizing her up to see if she’s plump enough for the oven yet.

  3. monkey-like fingers nonwithstanding, it kinda resembles a sloth.

  4. Purchasing this material would be the best idea. At least one can cherish and nurture these goods. I am just thinking whether I have made a right decision or not?