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Bukowskis Contemporary Art Auction

If you are a passionate art aficionado and love to have a glance at diverse range of artwork, paintings, and sculptures you should not miss out on Bukowskis Contemporary Art Auction: Swedish Artists – International Art that will be set at the Bukowskis Auction house, Sweden, on 16th November 2011. I would like you add here that this auction is going to be a big art hit in the November because only finest work of expert Swedish artists have been placed at the auction, Almost there (2000) by Maria Friberg, Death Forrest (2001) by Jockum Nordstrom, Hardcore (2002) by Nathalie Djurberg,  Kastellet Girl (2007) by Antony Gormley, and Dovima With Elephants by Richard Avedon are selected works that will be presented in the event.

Bukowskis Contemporary Art and photography auction will be the largest Nordic auction of the November because only supreme quality artwork is selected for the presentation, where every art itself has deep denotations to put on the display. We know that Sweden has been home to many great painters and artists, and fortunately this auction is actually an extremely beautiful way of reviving the art aspects of the country since the auction is going to be conducted in international auction house Bukowskis Sweden.