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Bukowski Art for Autumn

The well-detained works of art made through the talented hands of respected artists such as  Auguste Rodin and Charles Despiau are being sold in this year’s largest art business events. The Bukowski Autumn Classic Sale is advertising  French art pieces from these artists and others to be auctioned off to the world. The Bukowski Marabou Collection is made up of many types of sculptures and other works of art and will be presented from during the first week of December. “What is so relevant to the Bukowski Marabou collection is the documentation of all the acquisitions,” says Julian Barran, an expert for the 19th and 20th century European art. “Today, when there’s been an increase value for art, buyers want to be sure about what they are buying. In this case, the documentation links right back to the creation of the work, which is very rare.”

Throne-Holst, the Swedish chocolate company founded in 1916, has been collecting these pieces for a very long time. Now, The Throne-Holst family has allowed Bukowskis to share the joy of beautiful creations through the globe with online auctions. If you are interested in purchasing an art piece from the collection, visit www.bukowskis.com.

This post was sponsored, but opinions are my own