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Looking to Add Some Tranquillity into Your Day & Into Your Life

Zazen Bear can offer you an experience of a lifetime. It is the place that you want to be when your day is less than perfect. The whole idea behind the design and creation of Zazen Bear was to create an environment that expressed harmony and tranquillity. It is a retail experience unlike any that you have seen before. The 2400 sq. ft. retail facility has two floors. The design incorporates a vertical garden of live plants that cascade up to the second floor in between the open staircase. The construction is unique because of the three interlocking circular rooms. It is a symbol of the voyage of discovery.

This eccentric retail experience will help you instil balance and order to your life and your spirit. The pieces have been crafter to evoke the feeling of relaxation, harmony, and tranquillity to whomever they touch. The jewelry incorporates silver, gold, diamonds, and sapphires. The pieces have varying significances from creating a link between the individual’s mind and the universe around them or with the stars above that signifies our aspirations in life. Every piece has been designed to uplift and reduce the stresses on our lives. Check it out on 497 Broome Street, NY or go to the website at www.zazenbear.com for more information.

This post was sponsored, but opinions are my own